Friday, June 27, 2014

Bucket List

Earlier this evening, my mom and I were in the middle of a conversation. I'm not even sure how this came up, but it went a little something like this:
Me: "Well, you know, when so-and-so kicks the can then..."
Mom: "Umm...I think you mean bucket..."
Me: "No...wait...
Mom: "It's kick the bucket, Amanda. Kick the can is a game."
People who know me well, know that it is not uncommon for me to mess up phrases or say silly things without always thinking. My debate coach in high school once told me, "You know, for a very smart girl, you say some of the dumbest things." (Don't worry, he always meant well.) There you have it folks...Amanda in an eggshell...(I messed up that one on purpose, guys! I knew it was nutshell!)

I digress.

The reason I bring up the above story is because I wanted to talk about my bucket list. Bet you weren't expecting that out of that intro. For years, I have kept a mental bucket list, but I have never really put it down in writing. Therefore, I thought it was about time to take the initiative to do it. I am sure that I will come up with other tasks to add, but I wanted to at least begin a rough draft. I also included some items that were on my mental list prior that I have already completed. These are in no particular order.

1.) See John Mayer live in concert.
2.) Live abroad for at least a year.
3.) Backpack through Europe.
4.) Say "I do."
5.) See Coldplay live in concert. (Best day of my life!)

6.) Run a half-marathon. (completed 9/27/14)
7.) Attend a blogging conference. (hopefully this September!)
8.) Skydive. 
9.) Read the entire Bible.
10.) Audition for the show The Amazing Race (Who wants to be my partner?)
11.) Send a message in a bottle. 
12.) Go to a drive-in movie.
13.) Travel to every continent.
14.) Add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
15.) Ride in a hot air balloon
16.) Go to the airport and buy a ticket to a random flight
17.) Zip-line  (Completed in July 2014)
18.) Volunteer at a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving
19.) Delete Facebook for Lent (or for good!)
20.) Become a Spin or Yoga instructor.
21.) Be Accepted into a dietetic internship
Done, and Done!
22.) Visit the Holy Land
23.) Go Snowboarding.
24.) Go an entire month without processed foods.
25.) Write on Juliet's wall in Verona.
26.) Go on a camping trip at the Boundary Waters.
27.) Pay for the customer's order behind me (Completed on 2/12/15)
28.) Visit the Great Wall of China

29.) Help someone become a weight loss success story
as a Registered Dietitian.
30.) Ride a train, instead of a plane, to my destination
31.) Volunteer at an orphanage
At an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.
32.) Adopt a child.

As time goes on, I am sure I will add or remove items, based on what I value at the time. But more importantly, I hope to continue to cross these items off my list.

What things are on YOUR bucket list?


  1. I'd volunteer to be your amazing race partner but I think we'd kill each other...

    1. yeah...that might be true, but it would make for excellent TV drama! They might fix the show so that we'd stay on longer for the added drama! ;)

  2. I've never written down a bucket list, either, but I think it can definitely be helpful--gets you thinking about what you really want to accomplish!

    1. For the longest time, my bucket list changed daily. I thought maybe if I wrote it down, I could at least have a running list of some of my aspirations!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. You've been to China?! I spent my teen years there! When were you there??

    I love that you want to adopt a child someday! That's something my husband and I feel really strongly about too!

    1. Rach, I LOVED China!! I spent about 3 weeks studying abroad in both China and Taiwan this past May. We were in Beijing and Shanghai in China. My only regret is that I didn't have enough time there. I wish I could have spent the entire semester instead.

      I've always said that I wanted to adopt a child since I was younger (probably after we had to watch child birth in health education class! haha) But in all seriousness, I really hope that I will be financially stable and with a husband who also has the same dream of adopting a child as well.