Friday, July 18, 2014

Currently I am...

Since I don't have a ton of time to get too creative this morning, I thought I would use this fun blogging prompt idea that I have seen floating around on some of my favorite blogs....aka the "Currently I am..." prompt.

Reading: Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves. I was in Sioux Falls, SD for some dental work on Monday and Tuesday so I stopped by Barnes and Noble to find a book to help kill some time in between appointments. I am only about 100 pages deep into this book, but I'm lovin' in it. However, is this really any surprise since I'm so obsessed with anything travel-related lately?

Watching: Surprisingly I am not in the middle of any TV shows at the moment. When I first got home from Asia at the beginning of June, I was catching up on Pretty Little Liars nonstop. However, I haven't started watching the newest season yet, because I am terrible at watching shows when they are actually airing. Otherwise, I have just been watching documentaries and movies on Netflix recently. 

Loving: That I haven't been working as much the past week. I like working and exerting myself, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I think it is necessary to have some time for rest and fun with friends...I have been able to have time for both this past week. 

Looking Forward To: Girls Weekend, starting in T-1 hr 20 minutes!!!!! Minnesota Twins Game, Apple River tubing, and sailing with my favorite girls! Ahhh! 

Driving to Omaha, NE for Girls Weekend last July
Wondering: If I will ever get used to these stitches in my mouth... On Tuesday I had a graft done on my lower gums. Basically they take some tissue from the roof of your mouth and slap that baby over the receding gumline and stitch it up. Can you say ouch? My diet has basically consisted of apple sauce the last several days. I am counting down the days until these annoying stitches are gone!

Cooking/Baking: Not much unfortunately! :( Since our basement flooded in June, I have been back and forth between my home and my aunt and uncle's house each day. This hasn't left much time for me to get too creative in the kitchen. However last week, I made a strawberry pie for some of my favorite people. Note to y'all: sugar-free Jello and regular Jello are NOT the same in a recipe! Lesson Learned! ;)

Disliking: that it is already July 18... Where has my precious summer gone? I don't really want August to ever get here. While I am excited for life in Illinois and a new chapter in my life, I am not sure I want to face the inevitable "goodbyes."

Making Me Happy: You guys know I have a Coldplay obsession, so naturally this song and this dorky video make me so happy. And if I ever call someone a dork, that is a huge term-of-endearment in my book! 

Wishing: you all a weekend as wonderful as mine is about to be!

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  1. Hope you had so much fun with your girlfriends this weekend! :)