Friday, August 22, 2014

STL, Katy Perry, and Settling In

What do St Louis, Missouri, Katy Perry and Settling In have in common?! They have all been a part of my transition from the small towns of South Dakota to Illinois State University. I've only been here for a grand total of 11 days and it feels like at least a month. My days have been packed with orientation, social gatherings, classes and a great deal of paperwork. Within the next few months, I will actually be a resident of Illinois. How crazy is that?!? Goodbye old license plate and driver's license! Along with busy weekdays, my roommate Abby (who also came from SDSU) and I also ventured off to St Louis. It was my first time ever to the city. Abby had won tickets to the Katy Perry concert. Talk about perfect timing and luck! We had a blast and had basically lost our voices by the end of the concert.

For my Friday post, I thought I would simply share a few photos from my past 11 days.
Our first official picture as roommates

My Redbird card...buh-bye Jackrabbits

Ready for our first day as interns...Orientation!

New besties..aka the dietetic interns (minus 2 of us)

My California girl, Desiray

Exploring St Louis

The arch

Kacey Musgraves was one of the openers for Katy Perry

Katy knows how to make an appearance

You'll never guess which song this was! :p

Have a great weekend!


  1. You guys' Arch picture is perfect! You can see the whole thing and there are no other people AND there's a perfect sky! Where did you guys go to get that shot?

    Also, I've never been to a Katy Perry concert, but it looks like fun! :)

    1. Thank you!! There was kind a little slope on the side opposite of the Missouri River. So we offered to take some pictures for some German tourists who were also struggling to get a good picture. Then we asked for a picture in return. They must have had the magic tough with my camera because we surprisingly got the whole arch in! :)

      You would have a blast at her concert! I think even people who aren't a fan would have fun because she brings so much energy to her shows! :)

      Happy Monday! :)

    2. And by Missouri River, I totally meant Mississippi! ;) Obviously it's past my bedtime! :)